niro S rates protective gloves according to their cut protection properties and assigns them to three different levels of risk.

Hazard potential and cut protection classes are visualized by three glove colors. Red stands for gloves of cut protection class 1. Yellow indicates that the gloves achieve cut protection class 3 according to EN 388. In the niro S system the color green identifies the gloves that are classified in the highest cut protection class 5 according to EN 388.

With the system niro S you can quickly and easily assign the right protective glove to every job and every risk. With a glance at the glove color can be checked whether a glove is used correctly, that is with the necessary cut protection for a job. This makes the niro S system safe for the user and also economical.

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Always the right glove.

Injuries due to cuts or cracks on the hands and arms are among the most common types of workplace accidents. Therefore, with the glove system “niro S” we focus on effective cut protection.

Use niro S cut protection gloves to ensure safety and protection against injuries. Only high-quality products find their way into the niro S range.