Protective gloves & safety gloves


niroflex food gloves – for safety in meat and poultry processing as well as in large kitchens, oyster processing, and many other sectors. These high-quality gloves are extremely comfortable to wear and meet hygiene and safety requirements without a problem.

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The specialists for industrial food processing. Cut-resistant gloves are used whenever work involves sharp knives. Since cuts can occur quickly in large kitchens and at industrial food companies, it is important to keep an eye on the quality of cut-resistant protective gloves.


The niroflex moisture-resistant gloves were specially developed for working in damp and wet environments. They are impressive thanks to impermeable layers and ensure optimum grip.

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Exceptionally good heat insulation and extremely high wear comfort. Cold-resistant gloves are used for working in food production and the food industry as well as in food service.


Metal cutting aprons and mesh metal butcher boleros made of 7.0 or 4.2 chainmail


Butchers Gloves, rubber Aprons and glove Tensioners made of PU and PE.

The niroflex Accessory range includes a variety of disposables that are indispensable for the daily work in the food industry. They all comply with the highest quality standards and are food-safe.

niroflex – WE CARE

Garments made by niroflex are found wherever people must be protected against cut or blade hazards.
Our professionals are so experienced that they can work with the chainmail as if it is a textile. This enables us to manufacture custom, tailor-made items for each person and application. And we develop ideas and products together with our customers who recognize our understanding for the demands of their work as an added value. This gives us the opportunity to produce customized solutions which are application oriented to the smallest detail. And always safe. Simply: premium protection.

Our flexibility in production guarantees the company‘s high service levels. Usually new orders from the broadly diversified standard assortment leave our facility on the same day. With the original niroflex repair service we help unbureaucratically and professionally repair damaged items with CE conforming chainmail products.