WhiteCut gloves have been developed for the daily use in abattoirs, meat processing plant and butcher shops. They comply with the relevant CE standards and food regulations.

All WhiteCut gloves stand for exceptional safety, best hygiene and extended durability. Highest priority is on safety. In accordance to EN 388 both gloves achieve highest cut level 5.

WhiteCut x-treme. Extremely secure.

The WhiteCut x-treme is an extra heavy 7 gauge knitted glove with exceptional high cut protection of 75,4 Newton according to ISO 13997. Nevertheless the WhiteCut x-treme provides a good fit combined with a sufficient dexterity. Recommended for all jobs with high cut risk hazards as e.G. blade exchange and/or replacement at skinners, derinding machines and cutters.

WhiteCut x-treme

  • Cut test according EN 388:2016 = cut protection level F
  • Cut test i.a.w. ISO 13997 = 75,4N
  • Contact heat up to 100 °C i.a.w. EN 407
  • Extra heavy 7 Gauge glove
  • Does not include any composite / glass fibers, that could contaminate the food by breaking during work
  • Option: antibacterial Silvernite alternative
  • Machine wash 85 °C
Declaration of conformity

WhiteCut x-tend. Secure and versatile.

The WhiteCut x-tend glove provides high cut protection, exceptional dexterity and a comfortable fit. Developed for several cutting operations and as the protection for the knife hand as well. In accordance to the ISO 13997 the WhiteCut x-tend achieves a cut performance of 64,5 Newton. Hereby the WhiteCut x-tend 10 gauge glove exceeds the requested 22 Newton, cut level 5 of EN 388.

WhiteCut x-tend – overview

  • Cut test according EN 388:2016 = cut protection level F
  • Cut test i.a.w. ISO 13997 = 64,5N
  • Medium heavy quality − 10 Gauge for all purposes equipped with high cut protection
  • Advanced fiber: Brinix® with stainless steel
  • Extended pulse protection
  • Keeps in shape / no shrinking
  • Machine wash 85 °C
Declaration of conformity