Neither shaken nor stirred – but dry!

We’ve got a sensation for IFFA 2022 – the newly developed cut-resistant glove the niroflex BlueCut dry.
With this glove, we’re adding a coated and cut-resistant protective glove to our BlueCut range.
The niroflex BlueCut dry glove is a liquid-tight and 
highly cut-resistant glove that is perfectly suited for the food processing industry
Its nitrile coating, which is certified food safe and napped on the inside of the glove, ensures exceptional grip, including, for example, when working with knives.In the cut resistance test, the BlueCut dry leads the charge at 32.8 Newtons and easily meets cut 
protection class F per DIN EN ISO 13997. As a result, it offers users optimum protection. The glove will be available for delivery shortly and is offered for purchase in pairs in sizes 7 (S) to 11 (XXL).