Latest NEWS from niroflex

Our long-time key account manager Mr. Christophe Olivier ends his active time at Friedrich Münch and is entering his well-earned retirement. We would like to thank him most sincerely for his successful work and wish that he and his partner can pursue their passion for travelling for a long time.

With effect from July 1st there will be further changes in staff in our house. Both Mr. Jörg Andoleit and Mr. Ralf Berger will take responsibility for our fast-growing brand niroS. We are convinced that with niroS we can repeat the success that we had with niroflex.

In the future, the sales territories of these three gentlemen will be supervised by two new employees. Since November 1st, Ms. Karin Stutz has joined the niroflex team as key account manager. Due to her knowledge of the Spanish language, Ms. Stutz will supervise the countries of Latin America as well as parts of Southern Europe and of Asia.

Since April 1st, Mr. Dmytro Garkavyy is her new team partner in key account management. In addition to the German market he is responsible for the northern, middle and eastern European countries and can surely be addressed in Russian, Polish, and Ukrainian.

Merci beaucoup et au revoir Christophe!

Welcome Karin und Dmytro!

Christophe Olivier
Karin Stutz and Dmytro Garkavyy