BlueCut comfort and BlueCut comfort sleeve

Our customers expect not only the highest cut protection from our safety gloves, but also the highest wearing comfort. And the fact that the second glove-cuffs combination in the niroflex range was particularly important to us is already evident from the name.

With the „BlueCut comfort” and the „BlueCut comfort sleeve” we have taken protection and comfort to a new level. The special, highly developed fiber mixture ofBrinix®and stainless steel makes the glove and cuff thinner and therefore more flexible than ever. In addition, both impress with their excellent sensitivity and feel pleasant on the skin.

When it comes to safety, „BlueCut comfort” and „BlueCut comfort sleeve” are among the best of their kind. Glove and cuff are certified according to EN 388:2016 and clearly exceed the value (30N) required for the highest cut protection class F according to the standard EN 13997 with 43N.