Multipurpose cold insulation


Feel. Touch. Hold. Turn. Flex.

It was the variety of functions in their hands that first allowed people to perform 
a wide range of tasks. Hence the importance of protecting your hands, not only against 
injury, but also external influences, for example against the cold. The cold interferes 
with the ability of the muscles in the hand to contract, movements become imprecise, 
the hands become numb and insensitive. In the worst case: frostbite.

The BlueShell ice is aprotective glove which is specially designed for the requirements of 
coldness. Its insulating secret is the hollow fibres used and a special air cell cross section.
The result: extraordinarily good thermal insulation and, thanks to the „soft“ fibres,
outstanding wearer comfort even in uncomfortable environments, such as during
transport and warehouse operations in cold storage, during direct contact in the
processing of refrigerated or deep-frozen foodstuffs and anywhere where products 
require temperatures at or below freezing point for hygienic reasons.

BlueShell ice overview

¬  Thermal insulating knitted gloves

¬  Broad range of applications in chilled areas

¬  Secure handling of chilled and
    deep frozen products

¬  Suitable to wear as undergloves

¬  High dexterity and comfort

¬  Seamless knitted for perfect fit

¬  Machine wash 60°C

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