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New! Boleros

Premiere at AplusA 2017

Boleros with sleeve


Perfect protection!
Also for shoulders, back, the upper arm and the forearm

The idea behind the niroflex boleros is to make work with a  chainmail body protection as safe and fatigue-free as possible. Shoulder and sleeve-part of the bolero fullfill this function so that the weight is optimally distributed and the whole upper body is protected.  

niroflex Boleros. Charcteristics

  • Good fit and high comfort are insured by weight distribution 
    in the neck and shoulder region

  • Additional protection for the upper part of the body

  • Front, back and sleeve are manufactured from 100 % stainless steel chainmail 
    Versions: 4.2

  • If pointed knives are used, Type 4.2 is highly recommended!

  • Blue hygienic TPU waist strap

  • Easy cleaning without residue


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